Why do we Shop?

Shopping is something which we all do; be it for food, clothes, home-ware or electronics – neccesities or luxuries, we all buy things. As technology and marketing strategies have progressed there has become more and more choice for today’s shopper, even a simple trip to the supermarket sees us faced with several different brand choices for every single product. The choices that we make in these situations are heavily influenced by one thing.


In the business of sales advertising is key to getting your product noticed and sought after. Teams of people, even whole companies, are built around pushing us to choose one brand of baked beans over another. Its not only simple decision making that advertising effects though, clever advertising makes us want things we had never even considered before. For example flicking through a magazine or watching television one night can spark our interest for a new perfume or a new phone which has just been released. The cleverest forms of advertising are those that sell us things without us even releasing, those that guide us towards the shops in the hopes that’ll we will join some kind of elite club or find happiness by purchasing the latest and greatest ‘it product.’

People shop for pleasure, for acceptance, out of boredom, due to pressure and for the pure joy of owning something they think that everybody else wants.

Underhill, PU, 2009. Why We Buy. 3rd ed. New York: Simon & Schuster Paperbacks.


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