Why do we Love Being in a Crowd?

”The rush-hour commute or shopping for Christmas are many people’s idea of hell, but for some the experience of a crowd is highly enjoyable, according to research.

Psychologists from the universities of Sussex, St Andrews and Leeds examined why some people sought out and gained pleasure from crowded areas.

They found that social identity was a key factor in predicting positive emotions, and that people’s social identification with the crowd led them to seek out and enjoy more dense locations.

“That was a very crowded event indeed. Yet among our survey participants, the more they defined themselves as part of the crowd, the less they were to report feeling too crowded.”

“But this wrongly assumes that we each have just one identity – a personal identity. Our findings are part of a body of work that shows that we have multiple identities based on our group memberships.”

Although we always claim that we can’t stand being in crowded places something always draws us back to that packed shopping centre every Saturday, the thrill of getting past the crowds to get what you wanted, thoughts of relaxation postponed until later on. As Christmas draws closer the shops become ever more busy and yet people still choose to leave it until the last minute. Somehow the crowds add to the atmosphere and gets us into the Christmas spirit as we become part of the community who are all rushing to find those last minute presents. There’s a reason people scorn on those who buy their presents on September 1st – and that’s because it’s boring. It’s a lonely time to shop and truth be told, almost everyone wants to be part of the Christmas rush club.

Loneliness is something which I am particularly interested in looking into as part of my research, I want to review how graduates cope when moving to new cities and how important it is for us to be able to form new social groups.

Yahoo! News. 2013. Why Some of us Love Being in Crowds. [ONLINE] Available at: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/why-us-love-being-crowds-000158302.html#rIeAuNp. [Accessed 18 November 13].



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