The Feather Effect

”Most effects of advertising fall well short of persuasion. These minor effects are not obvious but they are more characteristic of the way advertising works. But even small effects of advertising can influence which brand we choose especially when all other factors are equal and when alternative brands are much the same.

It is easiest to understand this with low-involvement buying situations. The situation is like a ‘beam-balance’ in which each brand weighs the same. With one brand on each side, the scale is balanced. However, it takes only a feather added to one side of the balance to tip it in favor of the brand on that side. The brands consumers have to choose from are often very similar. Which one will the buying balance tip towards? When we look for advertising effects we are looking for feathers rather than heavy weights”

This article really emphasises the fact that for simple everyday choices advertising can have a huge impact. When there is no real financial gain or personal preference involved the consumer is more likely to choose the product which has the better advertising campaign.

I also think it is a valid point that if we are shown an advert that we like or are indifferent too it makes us more likely to see a product in a more favourable light if we were to research into it further or have it brought up in conversation. Simply having it in the back of our mind makes us view it more favourably than a product or service which we have never heard of.

Influencing People. 2000. Advertising and the Mind of the Consumer. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.aef.com/on_campus/classroom/book_excerpts/data/1504. [Accessed 20 November 13].

Lewis, D, 2004. The Soul Of The New Consumer. 3rd ed. London: Nicholas Brealey Publishing.


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