Tesco Magazine – A Profitable Read

I’ve often wondered how effective the free magazines that we pick up actually are. I know from personal experience as a sales assistant that people do come in with magazine clippings looking for products which they have read about. Although I know adverts fund a certain amount of production costs, the readership and extra sales also have to be high for the production costs of the magazine to be worthwhile.

I was amazed to find out that Tesco Magazine is the UK’s biggest food and lifestyle magazine with over seven million readers. Apparently 86% of people rate Tesco Magazine as good or excellent and people read the magazine for around 14 minutes more than the average time spent browsing through magazines.

Tesco claim that sales of the products featured in the magazine rise substantially, therefore the magazine is a useful tool for boosting sales of new products or slow moving stock.

Although the majority of people know that the magazine’s main purpose is to increase profits, it is still hugely popular. I imagine this is due to people’s desire to look for the best deals, the newest products and to be given recommendations on what they should be buying. The features on family and lifestyle that Tesco include also help to make the magazine more enjoyable to read and seem less of a sales tactic.

For my magazine I would like to promote local venues however I would produce the articles it in a way which would interest the reader and have the main purpose of the article to inform the reader on the best places to visit and socialise.

Cedarcom. 2013. Tesco Magazine. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.cedarcom.co.uk/our-work/tesco-magazine.html. [Accessed 24 November 13].


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