Dress to Impress as a Graduate

Something which is frequently on my mind is the pressure which graduates come under to immediately turn from students into the perfect young professional. Suddenly long lie-ins and scruffy jeans are no longer acceptable and we are thrust into a world of 6am starts and suits and ties.

I recently read an article in The Metro which highlighted the importance of how we dress at work and the effect it can have on our careers. Apparently a startling 8 out of 10 managers said that their employees choice of clothing affected their chance of promotion and 1 in 4 women have changed the way they dress to fit in with colleagues at work.

(Metro, 2013)

There seems to be little out there to help graduates understand what kind of dress code is expected of them in the work place. According to the statistics it would appear that women especially are expected to dress in a way which will increase their chances of promotion whilst being fashionable enough to keep up with and fit in with their new colleagues.

I also conducted my own research into this and discovered that 86% of students felt very or somewhat concerned about how to dress when they first enter the workplace.

This is something which I think needs to be addressed and a magazine for graduates would be the perfect place to provide trend based professional work wear advice which is practical for a graduates budget as well as their career and desire to be well received in the workplace.

McGuinness, RM, 2013. Dress down to impress? If it suits you. Metro, 05 December. 12.


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