How Magazines Are Using Social Media

As the magazine I aim to create is printed, social media will be a big part of my business concept to ensure that the business stays up to date and appeals to my target readership of graduates and young professionals. I have examined how other magazines are using social media to boost their readership and below is a summary of what I’ve found:

Tumblr: Many printed magazines are using Tumblr to reblog content from other sources which they believe their readers may find interesting. Tumblr is the most popular site for reblogging and sharing content from other sites and is particularly useful for sharing pictures that other users have taken.

Twitter: Ideal for immediate contact between magazine and readers, Twitter is useful for both customer queries and getting feedback from readers on a range of issues which gives editors ideas for what new content would most appeal to their readers.

Facebook: Facebook is particularly good for allowing readers to submit their own photos and posts using the magazine’s popularity as a platform. A post on a Facebook page with several thousands fans will be seen by many more people than if it were just on the individuals Facebook page. By encouraging users to share opinions and ideas with each other the magazine is likely to build a strong, loyal fan base with a good sense of community.

Instagram: An easy way for magazines to gain more publicity is to run a successful instragram account. By posting beautiful and engaging photos people will be drawn into following the magazine’s Instagram whether they are readers or not therefore boosting the chances of each follower actually taking the time to look into and read the magazine. Instagram accounts are free and easy to run and can attract huge amounts of followers very quickly, as well as being linked to other social networking sites.

Gina Gotthilf, (2011), 7 Ways print Magazines Are Using Social Media to Engage Readers [ONLINE]. Available at: http://mashable.com/2011/02/09/social-media-magazines/ [Accessed 09 December 13].


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