My aim to create a company which will produce a monthly magazine aimed at graduates and young professionals.

The magazine will feature engaging articles on fashion, music, sport and entertainment and will primarily target those graduates who have just left university and home and relocated with a new job.

The magazine however will be different depending on which city it is distributed in, approximately 30% of the magazine will be focused on informing the reader of the best places to shop, visit and socialise in their city. Since my research shows that the majority of graduates plan to move away when they leave university a magazine partially dedicated to helping them settle into their new surroundings should be well received.

The company will also organise several social events a month for graduates to attend with the aim of making new friends and networking with other young professionals. The events will range from drinks at a bar to meeting at a local music event and will be featured in the magazine.

The venues where the events will be held will be contacted to try and gain advertisements from them or money off coupons to make the most of the event being held at their venue.

The fashion pages of the magazine will focus on helping the graduates to build a fashionable, on trend, work wardrobe. Primarily featuring smarter retailers such as Reiss, Cos and Warehouse the pages will include photos shoots, pages dedicated to the best new releases of work wear and guides on how to accessorize.

The music pages will feature interviews with artists, news on upcoming tours and articles on musicians and bands.

Sporting news should hopefully appeal especially to male graduates as well as females and will feature articles on a variety of different sporting events to hopefully cater to everybody’s tastes.

The entertainment section will have film reviews, a television guide and news on any important events happening around the country such as festivals.

The magazine will have a pull out calendar and poster in the centre of the magazine which will feature events organised by the magazine (different depending on the city) and events happening across the city ranging from entertainment to sporting events.

The city based section of the magazine will focus on the culture and nightlife of each city with ideas of things to do and places to visit as well as restaurant reviews and photo-shoots and articles based around the city’s culture.

The magazine should hopefully engage graduates and young professionals, inspire them to explore their new city and guide them in making new acquaintances and networking with other young professionals.

Throughout this blog you will find evidence, analysis and competitor research to further explain and back up my idea.


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