Competitor Research – citysocializer.com

As part of my research for the graduate magazine I will be pitching I have examined some of my competitors. The first one I looked at was citysocializer.com which aims … Continue reading

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Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?

A thought provoking little video which makes us consider whether Facebook is in fact making us more lonely. Facebook is a wonderful way to share photos, events and is a … Continue reading

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The Worries of a Modern Day Graduate

I have looked into the percentages of graduates and students moving away from home and their concerns regarding this through surveys and focus groups. I have discovered that 53% of … Continue reading

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Do People Still Buy Magazines?

I’ve been researching into whether or not people still buy print magazines and what their opinions are regarding them. Due to technological advances such as smartphones and tablets people are … Continue reading

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Tesco Magazine – A Profitable Read

I’ve often wondered how effective the free magazines that we pick up actually are. I know from personal experience as a sales assistant that people do come in with magazine … Continue reading

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The Feather Effect

”Most effects of advertising fall well short of persuasion. These minor effects are not obvious but they are more characteristic of the way advertising works. But even small effects of … Continue reading

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Why do we Love Being in a Crowd?

”The rush-hour commute or shopping for Christmas are many people’s idea of hell, but for some the experience of a crowd is highly enjoyable, according to research. Psychologists from the … Continue reading

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